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  1. In recent years, leading architects and building designers have relied on architectural coating products for sustainable, lower-maintenance building materials protection solutions. Natural and environmental impacts are relentless and today’s customers expect the best built-in protection and loss prevention available. From sealants and anti-graffiti coatings to water repellents and impregnations, our innovative, silane-and silazane-based coatings as well as 2-component, cross linking lacquers ensure an optimal performance with lower-cost maintenance. Besides providing high-performance materials with along-lasting performance, energy efficiency and decorative features, we bring innovative, custom made solutions into all of your projects. Construction materials are exposed to damaging environmental impacts ranging from water ingression and abrasion caused by dust and airborne particles toUV induced degradation, spills,stains and much more. BFNC products are designed to help improve the durability of architectural building products and guarantee lasting protection and a cleaner, brilliant optical appearance. Our advanced solutions incorporate new types of raw materials, sophisticated additives, processing techniques and product formulations, resulting in a perfect building materials protection.The functionalities imparted by the BFNC coatings are various, providing multiple benefits to the treated surfaces. Functional surfaces with dirt repellent properties are increasingly important as it takes less effort and time as well as less harsh chemicals to clean them. These easy-to-clean properties can be combined with other functions such as corrosion protection, UV protection and abrasion resistance. Another key trait of our protective coatings is the anti-graffiti feature. Graffiti paintings can be easily removed, hundreds of times, without affecting the coatings functionality and protection. Most conventional building materials are absorbent and therefore, when exposed to persistent rain, can become saturated. This causes problems on both sides of the wall, externally and internally. Externally, moisture at the surface encourages the growth of moss and small plants, the roots of which damages the fabric of the structure. In addition, moisture in the surface makes it vulnerable to frost damage. A wet, saturated facade often results in clamminess occurring on the inside of the property. Damp walls not only ruin interior decorations, but they are cold and the presence of moisture encourages mold and mildew growth which is a serious health hazard.

  2. Although BFNC coatings are very hydrophobic, they maintain a high degree of permeability to water vapor. This allows coatings to breathe and reduce deterioration at the coating interface associated with entrapped water. The coatings will prevent further moisture penetration whilst still allowing residual moisture to escape by evaporation. Beyond the cost savings of easy-to-clean, more durable buildings, BFNC coating products can save energy costs, too. Treating substrates with hydrophobic BFNC coatings makes your buildings more energy-efficient, reducing two leading causes of structure heat loss: • Heat loss from evaporation of absorbed water in untreated materials –As water evaporates, changing from its liquid form to vapor, it draws heat energy, cooling the substrate and structure and therefore increasing energy consumption. • Heat loss caused by thermal conductivity –Testing shows that thermal conductivity of wet material insignificantly higher than that of dry material. BFNC coatings keep substrates dry, reducing thermal conductivity and increasing your energy efficiency. Infrared imaging visibly demonstrating the heat loss from evaporation of treated, dry substrates compared to untreated, wet substrates. We are open to innovative collaborationwith our customers to meet their specific needs, because selecting the right building materials protection products now prevents costly repairs later. Wood is and has always been a top choice as a building material, being second only to stone in terms of its rich history in the world of construction. However, in the past few decades there has been a move away from wood in favour of engineered products and metals. Still, the advantages of wood as a building material outweigh other products on the market when looking at environmental impact and performance. And not to forget, it is a natural, renewable and sustainable raw material. But just like all surfaces, wood also needs protection from environmental damage and deterioration. The UV-light exposure of untreated wood leads initially to a fast colour change. In further stages it causes serious chemical modifications and mechanical breakdown of the wood surface layer. Even in diffused light exposure, prevailing in indoor conditions, the discolouration of wood is a serious esthetical draw back, for example, for furniture and parquetry.Wood is also highly vulnerable to insects, mold and algae that can compromise structural integrity and the aesthetic value.Treatment with the specially designed BFNC wood coatings or impregnations can preserve and even change the long term properties of wood. The influence of rain and dew water causing surface erosion and leaching of wood components is strongly reduced. The moisture level of wood in service is reduced, and thus the risk of crack formation and biological degradation is lowered. NFNC’S sophisticated formulations of active substances such as fire retardants, biocides and UV light protectors with water repellents/oleophobic agents are significantly extending the optimal functionality and optical appearance of treated wood surfaces. BFNC Hydrophilic Wood Coating.-self cross-linking acrylic dispersion designed for exterior wood coating applications such as window, door frames or outdoor furniture.-The coating is free from alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOfree) and formaldehyde.-This water based coating contains a minimum amount of a reactive co-solvent that allows a less amount of coalescent in the formulation. -generates a continuous, transparent and glossy film, self cross-linking at room temperature which guarantees excellent surface properties and an outstanding weathering protection CHARACTERISTICS: High gloss, excellent blocking resistance, excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, very good rheological properties; leveling; sagging resistance, excellent water resistance.

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