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Our combined  knowledge and experience of the Marine industry enables us to transfer our technical knowledge of the Nano coatings process to help improve the look and prolong the life of a yachts hull, superstructure and interior to best it can possibly be. Our specialist team can help and advise on the right coating for your businesses needs, what ever that may be. 

Some of the Nano specific coatings we provide can be supplied for the following.

- Gelcoat, including pigmented gelcoat colours. Our products will stop the chalking effect that comes with some colours and will also restore these colours back to there original condition at a fraction of the cost of a respray or gelcoat.


-Painted hulls, adding an additional barrier to new and old paint keeping them looking spectacular for longer at a reduced cost to the owner.

-Superstructure, however complicated our specialist coatings will protect painted and gelcoat surfaces from harsh environments that seawater, marinas and engine residue can cause. Keeping the surfaces looking new by protecting them for longer, but also making cleaning the surfaces easier and less time consuming.


-Teak decks, UV Nano protective coatings that keep your new teak deck looking new by providing a coating that does not change the characteristics of the teak deck but prolongs the new look at a fraction of the cost of sanding or replacement.

-Interior, Nano barrier coatings that protect upholstery, carpets, leather, galley, heads and much more......

-Glass Nano coatings, adding a protective barrier that stops salt residue and increases your visability during rough weather, also easy to clean and you do not need to re apply every time you clean your yacht.

-Stainless steel, aluminium and any other metals or coating equivalent that will need protection again the harsh marine environment can be treated with one of our Nano specific coatings.

-We have over 30 years experience in the marine, automotive and coatings industry, so if you have anything in particular please talk to us. Our experienced biochemists and research and development team can help, what ever the challenge may be !

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